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“amazing attorney, definitely worth calling”

Posted by Jon
February 16, 2016I hired attorney Kapesh Patel in the summer of 2015. I had stupidly drove intoxicated thinking I slept it off for awhile. Unfortunately I had prior convictions of the same offense years earlier. So I was a bit worried that I was going to get the book thrown at me. Mr. Patel reassured me he would do whatever he can to ease me sentence. As my court day approached he was able to hold me sentencing back so I can get all my loose ends covered and try and get time to figure out how to cover my work schedule. When my court day came, just as I thought I was getting the worse sentence I can get. But Mr. Patel was able to work out a plea deal with the D.A., not only did I got the state minimum sentence, he was able to get most of my time on a work release program, but I chose the home confinement option as it was the fastest way to get me sentence done. I can honestly say I was beyond amazed and grateful for what Mr. Patel had done for me. I strongly urge to give him a call, he is an amazing attorney and will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

“Exceptional attorney, Great legal expertise.”

Posted by Atil
October 21, 2015I hired Kapesh Patel in 2014 to handle a very tricky and difficult immigration matter for me. I was looking to apply for one of the hardest visas out there, the EB-1A visa “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”. I am a movie producer, but in a foreign country. With time running out, he expertly handled my case, was there to answer any and all questions, and put together a fantastic package for the US immigration services. All in all, he convinced the US government that I was an alien with extraordinary ability that deserved to stay in the US permanently.

I came to the US on a visitor visa, within 6 months, my application got approved and I got a Green Card! Also, we didn’t even get a “RFE”, and from what I hear, a lot of EB-1 visa applications get heavily scrutinized and the government asks for more evidence.

I recommend Kapesh Patel for ANY legal matter you have (he does much more than immigration), especially for what he got me, an EB-1A visa. He will work tirelessly for you, weekends and nights included if need be. You will thank me if you hire him, believe me, he’s one of the best.

“Thank you”

Posted by Luis
October 15, 2015I was referred to attorney Kapesh Patel by a good work buddy of mine. At the time, I was trying to become a US Citizen (my prior application had been rejected). KP (Kapesh) was nothing like I thought an attorney to be. Real down to earth and easy to talk to. He handled my citizenship application with no problem (and it was a little tricky) and I thought so highly of him, that I began referring him to my friends and family, and I am not going to refer just anyone. He then proceeded to handle my wife’s papers for a green card. He asked for stuff I would never think of and the bottle line is that he got her the green card.

I really recommend attorney KP for anyone who needs a lawyer for immigration or criminal defense or family law cases. He’s good at what he does and I really didn’t need to write him a review. My review of him is me referring him to anyone who needs a lawyer no matter what area of the law they need it. He’s honest, intelligent, and will get you the results you need. Don’t look any further than him if you need a lawyer!

“Exceeds expectations, a true ally and advocate”

Posted by Billy
August 28, 2015I was referred to lawyer Kapesh Patel by a friend. At the time I was arrested, I was very fearful about my future and my career, because I was facing serious charges. Not only did Mr. Patel give me a sense of calm from the moment I met him, he was always available to talk to me, took the time to explain things to me, and calm me down when I was stressed. He not only calmed me down, but also my mother, who I am extremely close to me, and he gave her the security to make her feel comfortable.

And the bottom line is this, the outcome was much, much more than I had ever expected, no jail time after I was sentenced, reduction in severity of charges, and most importantly, I learned a lesson that has been invaluable to me.

“Top Notch Family Law Attorney”

Posted by Dave
July 13, 2015During the summer of 2014 I hired Mr. Patel as my attorney to represent me in my divorce case. My case had many complexities to it and I sought out Mr. Patel after an exhaustive search looking for a top notch family law attorney who is personable, knowledgeable and most importantly speaks to you on your level. From the initial consultation all the way through to the final drafting of my marital settlement agreement Mr. Patel acted with professionalism and fought tirelessly to ensure that I would receive everything that I wanted. In a court system that usually favors the mother, I was able to obtain joint legal and joint physical custody when initially I was only going to receive a fraction of that. Additionally, I was granted child support until my child reaches 18 which is also something that many fathers (much to the chagrin of mothers of course) are under the impression they cannot receive. I have absolutely no regrets in hiring Mr. Patel as my attorney and if you’re looking for an expert family law attorney to represent you in your case then you should look no further. I would hire Mr. Patel again in a heartbeat.

“Exemplary Work of Attorney Patel”

Posted by Rene
July 7, 2015I hired Attorney Kapesh Patel (“KP”) to handle a very serious felony domestic violence matter in Riverside County Court. I knew all along I was innocent, but it seemed like the DA’s office had other ideas about my guilt/innocence. At the time I was a temporary worker at a very promising job. They told me straight up if I caught even a misdemeanor DV charge from this case, they would let me go, period.

So over the course of 5-6 months, Attorney KP, using all his wisdom, resources, knowledge, and the threat of a trial, managed to get the District Attorney in Riverside County to drop Felony Domestic Violence charges to a freakin $75 traffic ticket! Not even a misdemeanor! I was able to get the restraining order against me lifted, have my gun rights back, and that job not only didn’t fire me, they hired me on full time.

I am so grateful to Mr. Patel for helping me navigate a very stressful and difficult moment of my life, for a very reasonable fee, and keeping me fully-informed of the progress. He’s easy to talk to and truly cares about his clients. It is without any shred of doubt that I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a criminal defense lawyer (or any lawyer for that matter), you will be glad you did.

Rene S.

“#1 Attorney in Irvine/Corona”

Posted by Brian
April 29, 2015I was referred to Kapesh Patel by a good friend of mine in February of 2014. At the time I was separated from my spouse and our divorce, which we agreed to do alone was not going anywhere. I met Kapesh and was impressed, and decided to hire him. From day 1 I knew he had my back. Unlike other divorce lawyers who charge you for every second of their time, Kapesh did not nickel and dime me. He took the time to explain complicated legal issues to me, explain my options, and pretty much he was a shoulder to cry on, someone I could trust and confide in, someone who navigated the very emotional process people go through with divorces. But at the end of the day, it was results I wanted and boy did he get them for me.

He got the judge at a hearing to side with us resulting in a very good outcome. Also, afterwards, he was able to skillfully negotiate with both me and my wife and in short period of time after that, our divorce pretty much ended. I am extremely pleased with my outcome and had no clue I would get what he got me. He’s given me the chance to get my life back on track and move on from this very emotional period of my life. Without a doubt, if you need an attorney, and I know Kapesh does divorces as well as immigration and criminal law, I strongly suggest you hire him for your case. He will fight harder than anyone out there and get you the best results anyone can without taking you to the bank. I’ve already referred him to 2 people who ended up hiring him. Just go and hire him and see what I mean.

“Excellent Lawyer”

Posted by Lauren
March 30, 2015Kapesh Patel handled my child custody case which is a sensitive and emotional process for most. He made the situation easier by catering to all of my needs. He always got back to me in a timely manner and explained every step of the process. He is incredibly professional, diligent and most importantly; human. I didn’t feel like “just another client.” He went “above and beyond” and it is evident that his outstanding work ethic and years of experience make him a leader in his industry. I would highly recommend Kapesh to anyone needing a lawyer. He will not let you down.

“excellent attorney”

Posted by Jesus
March 13, 2015My family and I, are very thankful that we found Mr Patel. He has have help us in 3 different cases with success in all. I highly recommend attorney Mr Patel


Posted by a client
February 23, 2015We had a complex immigration case and after wasting time and money with another lawyer, we were so grateful to be referred to Attorney Kapesh Patel. We would highly recommend Attorney Kapesh Patel to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He took a personal interest in our case and completely walked us through the process and was upfront of possible obstacles, but at the same time, gave us reassurance. He was always quick to respond to our needs and any questions we had. Attorney Kapesh Patel is a genuine and personable person, but overall, above and beyond very PROFESSIONAL. We thank him for all his efforts and hard work he put into our case and in such a short time.

Mr & Mrs L Maio