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“Your best interests are his interests”

Posted by Erickson
I’ve known Kapesh for well over decade now meeting in the MBA program at Cal State Fullerton. After college, he guided me through some tough times in which he kept my head strong and steady and gave me sound advice. He is upfront and will let you know what you will be facing regardless of what you want to hear. Although my case never went to court, he assisted me in filing the correct paperwork to handle my issues. I did the work myself but his guidance really helped me out of a jam. I’m proud to call him my friend. He is just like you and me and wants the public to be aware of their rights and feel like they are not alone. If you need assistance please give him a call and get to know him. Good man with a good heart. Sometimes he lets his heart get in the way of business but he really wants to help those who are in a bind. I know he works diligently on all of his cases and is constantly educating himself with the law. If you ever have a chance to work with him, you will be better for it.

“Excellent Lawyer”

Posted by Karina
Kpatel was absolutely wonderful. He was completely honest and efficient. He answered all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a fair and honest attorney. Thank you KP for all ur hard work.

“Kapesh worked hard to get me a winning outcome”

Posted by Michael
Kapesh Patel helped me win a difficult case that had been dragging on until I got his help. The court was very particular about its filings and the assigned judge was tough, but Kapesh was able to negotiate a last-minute settlement-win that I was very happy with. During the lead-up to our day in court, he was very professional and accessible — and I was impressed by his ability to think strategically about how to win my case.

“Divorce Case”

Posted by Patricia
My lawyer helped me settle my divorce. He not only was there for me through the hardship of my case, but he always had my best interest. Words can not describe how grateful I am to have been introduced to a man who representated me in a court of law. Mr. Patel has honored the court system and me as his client in a professional way. He is a man who is very well organized, on time, always available when needed, but most of all, gives you more than 100% representation. His guidance and his profession has given me the settlement I was entitled to. Once again, thank you so much Mr. Patel. I pray that you continue to shine at what you do best, represent clients in a court of law with equality and justice.

“Letter of review and recommendation on services provided”

Posted by Client
To whomsoever it may concern,
It is an absolute pleasure to write a letter of review on services provided by Mr. Kapesh Patel whom I reached out to after getting a 3rd DUI with a violation of probation on the 2nd one within a 10 year period.I have known Mr. Patel (KP) for a couple of years now and can confidently say that his clients are his number one priority and he’ll take every step necessary to protect them. Quite simply put – He is that “Go to” lawyer if you are willing to cooperate and take the corrective steps necessary. When I approached KP with my DUI / Violation of probation case I was at a low point fearing a long tenure in jail. I was done with drinking and was hoping I could get away considerably lightly in terms of punishment this one last time.
I met with KP and he told me that if I was serious on quitting drinking I should start voluntarily attending AA & make my own attendance sheet. He took time to walk me through the position I had put myself in and was willing to go to battle for me. To me the most important thing was to keep my job. As a lawyer he wasn’t in a position to promise me anything but did ensure me that he would do everything possible to make that happen. This made me feel a little better about the situation and showed that I wasn’t just a statistic or a number to KP.I lived up to my end of the deal by attending meetings, associating myself with AA and getting personal and professional reference letters. After close to an year of working my case, going to court multiple times on my behalf, getting the DA changed when progress was not being made, he got me a job saving deal where I had to take only 3 weeks off of work to do a relatively very small stint in jail followed by a few months of SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet.To top it all off, this being something very unique that I experienced having dealt with lawyers in the past, a week after post sentencing he made a follow up call to check in and make sure I was on top of things and whether he could be of any help or guidance. Mr. Patel is an excellent lawyer, very knowledgeable of how things work and very importantly treats his clients like he is going to battle for a member of his own family. I recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a tough position and willing to work with an attorney to come to a reasonable solution that won’t be too taxing on themselves.

“Immigration Services”

Posted by Joey
KP!!! What a great guy to work with! I was born and raised in the US, Mojave desert to be exact, and married an Ethiopian woman after meeting her of all places on Tinder! LOL I recently turned 43 year old and never married before this but luckily for me, God had a master plan for my life. I just had to be patient. My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. After we got married it only took 9 months to get her Green card because of Kapesh’s tireless effort and never say die attitude. He guided us through the entire process. And let me tell you the process of obtaining a Green card is not easy. It is confusing and unforgiving. It requires a mountain of paperwork and proof to get approval. And it takes experience and knowledge to navigate what seems at times to be an endless sea of documentation. Kapesh has mastered the system and knew exactly what was necessary to obtain approval. But even more importantly Kapesh is always patient and kind, making the process as painless as possible. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing immigration legal services.

“Super personable & knowledgeable attorney”

Posted by Nathan
I engaged Kapesh V Patel to represent my wife and I in an immigration based matter for my greencard. KP was super responsive throughout the whole process and would get generally back to me within 24 hours. From our first meeting with KP we felt right at ease – he was easy to talk to and clearly knowledgeable on the subject.KP gave us a list of everything we needed to compile and we got to it. We had a fairly complicated application due to multiple financial sponsors, which KP managed with ease. He went over every document meticulously and asked us to re-scan documents that were “not-professional” enough for his high standards.The application was submitted and I had my greencard in hand 127 days later. This is incredibly fast by any measure.

His fees are very reasonable and I would happily recommend his services (certainly for immigration matters).

“Thank you letter”

Posted by Benito
The purpose of this letter is to salute you with my very sincerely thoughts. First I would like to thank you for helping me in my criminal case, because you are a very experience attorney, you were able to convince the District Attorney to reduce my sentence significantly. By doing this for me, I was able to keep my job because my sentence was reduced. The previous attorneys that I hired were not able to help the way you did.
Also I would like to thank you for showing me a sincere concern about my well been for me and my family, not only like my attorney but also as a good friend. Most of the times you ether answered my phone calls or you returned my calls the same day. The previous attorneys never showed me any signs of sincere consideration, I felt like I was just another client for them. One example is that I called them a few times and they never returned my calls.Finally I will express my sincere recommendations to any person that need to hire a Criminal/Immigration Attorney.Sincerely,

“Excellent Lawyer”

Posted by Kenny
I was facing 16 months in state prison and Mr. Patel was able to get it dropped down to 90 days of tree farm and three years of probation. At the start of my case I retained a different lawyer and I’ll just say I wish I would have found Mr. Patel sooner. I know I paid for the service Mr. Patel provided but in my opinion I feel he went above and beyond the call of an Attorney. He never made me feel like Just a client, instead he made me feel like we were a team and we would get through this together. He’s definetely a one of a kind Attorney.

“My DUI Solution”

Posted by Jose
I hired Mr. Kapesh Patel in October of 2015, after getting a DUI in Riverside. I was really WORRIED that this was gonna affect my DACA Documents when it was time to renew I started searching possible attorneys however the few ones that I found withing my budget were hard to see them in person and I would only get to talk to their secretaries Except Mr. Kapesh..After speaking to him only once it gave me a sense of relief knowing he would fight for me until he gets the results I was looking for. I was charged with a .09 intoxication, already been a DUI Mr. Kapesh got me a WET WRECKLESS DRIVING AFTER 2 court meetings. I was really satisfied with his work since we melted in touch the whole time and I was given a call every time he would just come out of court. This is the best attorney I’ve ever encounter and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any family members or friends. Thank you Mr. Kapesh for your great work.

“Arson Felony/Strike”

Posted by Bryan
Service Review: Kapesh V. Patel, Attorney at Law
Case: Felony with a strike for ArsonI would like to show my appreciation for all the hard work to Mr. Kapesh V.Patel, attorney at law. He handled my case with great care and diligence. After being charged for Arson, I was looking at a sentence to serve 16 months of state prison. I contacted Mr.Patel who quickly reviewed my case and represented me from there on. He showed me that he really cared about my future and the consequences of having these charges on my background. The cost very reasonable and resolved within two court dates, we came to an agreement with the court and only had to pay $2,000 dollars. He was able to bring the charges down from a felony with a strike to a misdemeanor thanks to all his hard work and services. Today, I only have to serve 47 days of community service with $600 in court fees. Mr. Patel was very professional and I would recommend him for representation to anyone who is facing a rough situation.

“amazing attorney, definitely worth calling”

Posted by Jon
I hired attorney Kapesh Patel in the summer of 2015. I had stupidly drove intoxicated thinking I slept it off for awhile. Unfortunately I had prior convictions of the same offense years earlier. So I was a bit worried that I was going to get the book thrown at me. Mr. Patel reassured me he would do whatever he can to ease me sentence. As my court day approached he was able to hold me sentencing back so I can get all my loose ends covered and try and get time to figure out how to cover my work schedule. When my court day came, just as I thought I was getting the worse sentence I can get. But Mr. Patel was able to work out a plea deal with the D.A., not only did I got the state minimum sentence, he was able to get most of my time on a work release program, but I chose the home confinement option as it was the fastest way to get me sentence done. I can honestly say I was beyond amazed and grateful for what Mr. Patel had done for me. I strongly urge to give him a call, he is an amazing attorney and will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

“Exceptional attorney, Great legal expertise.”

Posted by Atil
I hired Kapesh Patel in 2014 to handle a very tricky and difficult immigration matter for me. I was looking to apply for one of the hardest visas out there, the EB-1A visa “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”. I am a movie producer, but in a foreign country. With time running out, he expertly handled my case, was there to answer any and all questions, and put together a fantastic package for the US immigration services. All in all, he convinced the US government that I was an alien with extraordinary ability that deserved to stay in the US permanently.I came to the US on a visitor visa, within 6 months, my application got approved and I got a Green Card! Also, we didn’t even get a “RFE”, and from what I hear, a lot of EB-1 visa applications get heavily scrutinized and the government asks for more evidence.I recommend Kapesh Patel for ANY legal matter you have (he does much more than immigration), especially for what he got me, an EB-1A visa. He will work tirelessly for you, weekends and nights included if need be. You will thank me if you hire him, believe me, he’s one of the best.

“Thank you”

Posted by Atil
I was referred to attorney Kapesh Patel by a good work buddy of mine. At the time, I was trying to become a US Citizen (my prior application had been rejected). KP (Kapesh) was nothing like I thought an attorney to be. Real down to earth and easy to talk to. He handled my citizenship application with no problem (and it was a little tricky) and I thought so highly of him, that I began referring him to my friends and family, and I am not going to refer just anyone. He then proceeded to handle my wife’s papers for a green card. He asked for stuff I would never think of and the bottle line is that he got her the green card.I really recommend attorney KP for anyone who needs a lawyer for immigration or criminal defense or family law cases. He’s good at what he does and I really didn’t need to write him a review. My review of him is me referring him to anyone who needs a lawyer no matter what area of the law they need it. He’s honest, intelligent, and will get you the results you need. Don’t look any further than him if you need a lawyer!

“Exceeds expectations, a true ally and advocate”

Posted by Billy
I was referred to lawyer Kapesh Patel by a friend. At the time I was arrested, I was very fearful about my future and my career, because I was facing serious charges. Not only did Mr. Patel give me a sense of calm from the moment I met him, he was always available to talk to me, took the time to explain things to me, and calm me down when I was stressed. He not only calmed me down, but also my mother, who I am extremely close to me, and he gave her the security to make her feel comfortable.And the bottom line is this, the outcome was much, much more than I had ever expected, no jail time after I was sentenced, reduction in severity of charges, and most importantly, I learned a lesson that has been invaluable to me.

“Top Notch Family Law Attorney”

Posted by Dave
During the summer of 2014 I hired Mr. Patel as my attorney to represent me in my divorce case. My case had many complexities to it and I sought out Mr. Patel after an exhaustive search looking for a top notch family law attorney who is personable, knowledgeable and most importantly speaks to you on your level. From the initial consultation all the way through to the final drafting of my marital settlement agreement Mr. Patel acted with professionalism and fought tirelessly to ensure that I would receive everything that I wanted. In a court system that usually favors the mother, I was able to obtain joint legal and joint physical custody when initially I was only going to receive a fraction of that. Additionally, I was granted child support until my child reaches 18 which is also something that many fathers (much to the chagrin of mothers of course) are under the impression they cannot receive. I have absolutely no regrets in hiring Mr. Patel as my attorney and if you’re looking for an expert family law attorney to represent you in your case then you should look no further. I would hire Mr. Patel again in a heartbeat.

“Exemplary Work of Attorney Patel”

Posted by Rene
I hired Attorney Kapesh Patel (“KP”) to handle a very serious felony domestic violence matter in Riverside County Court. I knew all along I was innocent, but it seemed like the DA’s office had other ideas about my guilt/innocence. At the time I was a temporary worker at a very promising job. They told me straight up if I caught even a misdemeanor DV charge from this case, they would let me go, period.So over the course of 5-6 months, Attorney KP, using all his wisdom, resources, knowledge, and the threat of a trial, managed to get the District Attorney in Riverside County to drop Felony Domestic Violence charges to a freakin $75 traffic ticket! Not even a misdemeanor! I was able to get the restraining order against me lifted, have my gun rights back, and that job not only didn’t fire me, they hired me on full time.I am so grateful to Mr. Patel for helping me navigate a very stressful and difficult moment of my life, for a very reasonable fee, and keeping me fully-informed of the progress. He’s easy to talk to and truly cares about his clients. It is without any shred of doubt that I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a criminal defense lawyer (or any lawyer for that matter), you will be glad you did.Rene S.

“#1 Attorney in Irvine/Corona”

Posted by Brian
I was referred to Kapesh Patel by a good friend of mine in February of 2014. At the time I was separated from my spouse and our divorce, which we agreed to do alone was not going anywhere. I met Kapesh and was impressed, and decided to hire him. From day 1 I knew he had my back. Unlike other divorce lawyers who charge you for every second of their time, Kapesh did not nickel and dime me. He took the time to explain complicated legal issues to me, explain my options, and pretty much he was a shoulder to cry on, someone I could trust and confide in, someone who navigated the very emotional process people go through with divorces. But at the end of the day, it was results I wanted and boy did he get them for me.He got the judge at a hearing to side with us resulting in a very good outcome. Also, afterwards, he was able to skillfully negotiate with both me and my wife and in short period of time after that, our divorce pretty much ended. I am extremely pleased with my outcome and had no clue I would get what he got me. He’s given me the chance to get my life back on track and move on from this very emotional period of my life. Without a doubt, if you need an attorney, and I know Kapesh does divorces as well as immigration and criminal law, I strongly suggest you hire him for your case. He will fight harder than anyone out there and get you the best results anyone can without taking you to the bank. I’ve already referred him to 2 people who ended up hiring him. Just go and hire him and see what I mean.

“Excellent Lawyer”

Posted by Lauren
Kapesh Patel handled my child custody case which is a sensitive and emotional process for most. He made the situation easier by catering to all of my needs. He always got back to me in a timely manner and explained every step of the process. He is incredibly professional, diligent and most importantly; human. I didn’t feel like “just another client.” He went “above and beyond” and it is evident that his outstanding work ethic and years of experience make him a leader in his industry. I would highly recommend Kapesh to anyone needing a lawyer. He will not let you down.

“excellent attorney”

Posted by Jesus
My family and I, are very thankful that we found Mr Patel. He has have help us in 3 different cases with success in all. I highly recommend attorney Mr Patel

“excellent attorney”

Posted by Client
We had a complex immigration case and after wasting time and money with another lawyer, we were so grateful to be referred to Attorney Kapesh Patel. We would highly recommend Attorney Kapesh Patel to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He took a personal interest in our case and completely walked us through the process and was upfront of possible obstacles, but at the same time, gave us reassurance. He was always quick to respond to our needs and any questions we had. Attorney Kapesh Patel is a genuine and personable person, but overall, above and beyond very PROFESSIONAL. We thank him for all his efforts and hard work he put into our case and in such a short time.
Mr & Mrs L Maio

“criminal / immigration case”

Posted by Cynthia
My mom was referred to Attorney K. Patel by my cousin about 2 months ago. My brother was facing multiple charges at the time of his arrest. The public defender that was representing him was not really helping him. My brother was facing a long sentence and not only a long sentence but he was going to have a strike on record and the worst part he was facing a hold for immigration although he’s been a permanent resident for 38 years. We called Attorney K. Patel and he explained everything step by step and he assured us from day one that he had this case and he would get my brother a lower sentence. My mom hired him on the spot with no doubt’s. Attorney K. Patel showed up to every court hearing and he always kept us informed of everything. After the third court appearance he was able to negotiate with the DA.He got my brother a great deal180 days in county dropped some charges that made him deportable. Currently my brother is still in custody but is very happy that he got a great deal for him. I highly highly recommend Attorney K. Patel his prices are very reasonable he’s always ready to answer any questions and most important he deals directly with his clients. He puts him self in his clients shoes and he never settles for less. He’s a trust worthy Attorney. Thank you very much for all your help Attorney K. Patel you were very helpful to our family. We are all very pleased with what you did for my brother thanks again.

“5 stars, great Lawyer great prices!”

Posted by Devon
I was reffered to Mr. Patel through a good friend of mine, I called him and soon was receiving some excellent advice.
From there we arrange a meeting where he would walk me through all the steps for my family matter, I retained him and soon we were off to work. He was available anytime I had questions or concerns, he made everything very understandable for me. He was very fair with his prices and my end result was priceless, I got everything I asked for and more. I highly recommend Mr.Patel for any family law, immigration, DUI , or crimal law mater you may have. Thanks Kapesh for everything!

“Felony case”

Posted by Cesar
KP is an outstanding attorney. I was facing 4 felony charges carrying up to 4 1/2 years in state prison. Using his brilliant negotiation skills and through the use of “motions”, he successfully got the DA to drop all four felonies to misdemeanors. And Not only that, instead of 4 plus years in jail, he got me 90 days Caltrans. Because of him I was able to keep my job and not be labeled as a felon. Also what I like about him is that He took the time to help me understand all the laws and defense strategies he was using, and I could always get a hold of him. I can say all this about him because before him I had hire a different attorney,and payed him half of what he charge me,but then after I payed him,he didn’t answer my calls,txts,emails, and he didn’t even show up to my first court appearance hearing. But Mr. Kapesh Patel he is something else,his always there for me and answer at any time of the day, 24/7. So yes I am so thankful for knowing you Mr. Patel,and not only me so does my entire family. We thank you for all that hard work and support you showed for a full year. Now that all this is over,we can say that this process was a piece of cake. Lol. So yes I highly recommend him for any legal issues you all face, especially criminal law.Thanks again….!!

“Excellent Immigration Lawyer”

Posted by Cesar
KP Patel is an excellent attorney and very accessible. He can hold his own with anybody and is very clear and firm. Just the kind of man you want representing you. He provided all the documentation upfront and there were no surprises in his very reasonable fees. I highly recommend Kapesh Patel.

“Look Elsewhere!! Overpriced and inexperienced.”

Posted by Client
Kapesh will work hard for you, but not with you. I admit my case was a difficult one, so I thought it would be very important for a client and lawyer to work together. That was not the case and the prosecutor wanted to take my case to trial.
Kapesh charged me a really high price for his first trial, so I decided to hire a new lawyer with experience. My new lawyer spoke with the prosecutor and got me the best deal for my situation, that Kapesh was never offered.
For a new lawyer, he is overpriced and too inexperienced. I reread his reviews carefully and I realized they were asinine. Those reviews were short and had nothing specific except how he got them a great deal.

After talking w/more experienced lawyers, I feel like Kapesh overcharged me. I would look elsewhere.Kapesh Vithal Patel’s response: “Well you review makes little sense sir, considering I made at least four court appearances on your behalf, spoke to you at length explaining your options (at least 10-15 phone calls), corresponded with your previous attorney on your behalf (one, I might add, you also had an issue with) performed hours of research on your behalf, and was left with little option other than trial (I proposed a course of action that ultimately your next lawyer took, but you refused my suggestion when I offered it). In sum, your review is inaccurate and false. My rates are very competitive and the work I performed on your behalf is more than half of the market rate. I am glad you ultimately got the offer you were looking for. There’s no need to be ungrateful and berate the others who fought so hard on your behalf prior to your outcome.”

“Speechless – Truly Amazaing. 4 Dui’s – Remarkable Outcome”

Posted by Ron
WOW! That is one word that can sum up Mr. Patel. I have 4 Dui’s, and after paying 20k+ In Legal Fees to other law firms, I found Mr. Patel. In a nutshell, he performed more in 2 Court Appearances than the other big league law firms did in the past year of fighting my case. 240 Days of House Arrest, on a 4th DUI….i dont that has ever been done here in Orange County. Mr. Patel, i am forever indebted to you, from the bottom of my heart, my families hearts…Thank You!

“A lawyer you can put your trust in and who will fight for you until the end!”

Posted by Mayki
Words cannot even come close to describe Kapesh Patel. He has gone over the extended extra mile for me in winning my case…I am forever grateful for his hardwork and his persistence in making sure everything was on point and nothing overlooked. Along with going to bat for me, he always made sure to keep me informed in such a quick timely manner, his direct and straight-forwardness is highly admirable. Thank you for all that you have done for me…the mere words of “thank you” will never ever be enough to show you the gratitude I have for you. A lawyer you can definitely trust and someone who makes you comfortable and understand every aspect of each process going through the first steps down to the ending of the case.

“Highly Recommended D.U.I Attorney!”

Posted by David S.
Attorney Kapesh Patel is an outstanding lawyer. He took my case for an extremely reasonable price, given my requirements. Not only did he achieve a great outcome, against very tough odds, he did so professionally and with a level of courtesy that surpasses any other attorney I’ve dealt with (and yes, I have dealt with many). If you need a DUI attorney, you’d be making a big mistake to look anywhere else other than Mr. Patel. Highly, highly recommended.

“3rd DUI”

Posted by Vincent
Kapesh followed through with all matters involving my case. Instead of always having to call my past attorneys, Kapesh constantly called me with status of my case. I highly recommend him.


Posted by Desiree
I had a very difficult immigration detention case involving mental illness and I had very little funds to get help and he bravely took my case and assisted me through prosecutorial descretion . Although it was turned down the first time and he had to battle through the issue of his client working against him he continued keeping me informed showed up even when what he had to present to the judge was not enough and finally my son was released and I have outstanding funds for this lawyer I know he had to work with a lot and I appreciate all the help he gave, He was like a family member, this was the kind of assistance I got. Great peron and attorney.

“Very Qualified Attorney for DUI Defense-Attorney Kapesh Patel”

Posted by Client
Attorney Kapesh Patel is an outstanding, professional, and life-saving lawyer who did what no other lawyer could do for me. In a nutshell, I work for an organization that has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy in place for those convicted of a DUI. No excuses, very harsh. I worked there for the better part of 12 years and have done well. I was arrested for DUI last summer 2012 and blew a 0.11. I hired a very fancy, well-known law firm and paid $5000 to have them represent me (and I paid that amount only for a first-time DUI). I just could not afford to lose the job I’ve had for 12 years which has made me successful. The lawyer assigned to my case said in Orange County, there would be no chance, NONE, to reduce the DUI charges to something else which would save my job. She was somewhat rude and cold with me, adding to my dissatisfaction. After 5 months of seemingly going nowhere, I decided to give Mr. Patel a try, since a friend referred me to him, and I liked his “style”. Not only did Mr. Patel negotiate with the DA to have my DUI charges reduced to a “wet reckless”, he did so for a fraction of the price charged by the fancy law firm. He asked me to give him documents that the other law firm neglected to ask. To make a long story short, Mr. Patel saved my job and I am forever grateful to him for that. If you want to hire the best DUI lawyer money can buy, look no further than Kapesh Patel.

“Amazingly Tenacious, One of a Kind.”

Posted by Imran
I have had my fair share of run in’s with the Law, including Federal Incarceration with Immigration, due to these run in’s. With that said, I have had a plethora of Attorneys represent me, but NEVER like Mr. Patel, Truly one of a kind. The passion, the drive, the tenacity to help his clients, to win for his clients is unparalleled. I would not be sitting at home writing this review if it were not for him. I would not be doing a lot of things today if it were not for him. The time, effort, experience, knowledge and unlimited resources he has to make a winning case come true is remarkable. As weird as this sounds for me to say about an attorney, I truly do have blind faith and trust in Mr. Patel, and will never use another attorney as long as he is Practicing Law.Kapesh Vithal Patel’s response: “Thank you very much Imran for your kind words, I certainly appreciate it. You were a great client and I was honored to be of service to you.”

“Immigration Attorney that I Highly Recommended!!!”

Posted by PKG
Kapesh Patel is a wonderful and knowledgeable attorney who really knows what he’s doing! He helped me understand laws I had no clue about. I can honestly say he knows his stuff, he always returned my calls, and genuinely cared about my predicament or situation and explained it in a way that I could understand. If you are looking for a honest and committed attorney to assist you in immigration, I would definitely recommend him.Kapesh Vithal Patel’s response: “Thank you PKG for your words of support.”

These reviews were taken directly from Google+. To see more reviews, visit my link at Kapesh Patel Google Reviews

Posted by Andrea Valdovinos
Kapesh Patel is a very straightforward and honest man! He was extremely helpful and very professional while helping me with my child support/custody matters. After explaining my issues to him, he gave me hope and insured me that everything was going to be okay. I highly recommend Kapesh Patel because he goes over and beyond to meet expectations. I had some late hour emergencies and I was able to get a hold of him for quick legal advise. Thank you KP!

Posted by Fernando Pena
I recently ran into a legal problem, and one of my co-workers told me how helpful Kapesh Patel is. Before I hired him I was extremely stressed out but Mr. Patel handled my case with professionalism and competence. He gave me a piece of mind while I went through the court process, he gave me his direct phone line and would respond to to my calls and texts with in minutes. I was extremely impressed with his work ethic and the guidance I received. He lowered my felony to a misdemeanor and gave me a felony free future. I would recommend Kapesh Patel to anyone that wants a lawyer that is helpful reliable and competent. Or is looking for a lawyer that is capable of downgrading a felony to a misdemeanor. He gave me his direct phone line and I never had to go through his receptionist, I went straight to the source.

Posted by Megan Lattimer
Mr. Patel is an outstanding lawyer. I would highly recommend his services. I had a very emotional court case I was dealing with an Kapesh kept me level headed and I never doubted he had my daughter and my best interests at heart. He fought very hard for the both of us and because of him I did not have to worry. Thank you again Kapesh.

Posted by Ethel Hill
We highly recommend Kapesh Patel. We appreciate his prompt and timely responses to all our questions . He was always available to answer our concerns. We are impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, compassion and expert counsel. Any future needs we will look forward to working with him again . The Hills

Posted by Eric Buenrostro
Anyone that’s dealing with child support, or family law, Kapesh Patel is hcd my schedule and stood by my side threw the whole process. I also would like to Thank his assistant Alyssa for always answering my questions and handling all my paper work. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you both put into my case. Thank You!

Posted by Martha Macias
Patel is a very responsive and active attorney, whenever I had any questions he was always available to answer, even in the late evening hours. He was able to help with my son with his custody and child support matter. If you want pure honesty and up front cost, Patel is the one for you! Thank you Patel for all the help and advice.

Posted by Miguel Rodriguez Inda
Kapesh Patel is a extraordinarily lawyer! He is very focused and driven to get results. Kapesh processed my immigration process with 0 issues. I highly recommend the service of Kapesh Patel.

Posted by Nandish SHi – I am a former client of Kapesh Patel and would like to pass along my feedback.I was very fortunate to have come across a lawyer who exceeds my expectations in many ways.
I appreciate his high level of professionalism and analytical ability to problem solve and take quick decisions when in need. He also has a stunning ability to strategically plan the next steps based on the current situation which is in your favor.Kapesh has excellent communication abilities which allow him to simplify the complicated legal terms in words which are more understanding to you. He will take the time to ensure you have a full understanding and are in agreement of the next steps before taking any action. He delivers his communication which is persuasive and impactful to his audience. This is a key factor in my decision to continue his services on my case.Unlike my previous experience with lawyers, Kapesh is prompt to take action on my requests and provide responses in timely manner. He is very understanding to any concerns raised and is also very customer focused.

He has in-depth knowledge in the law he practices and his years of experience are seen immediately in the first conversation. If you are seeking a lawyer with a passion for your case and will do what it takes to deliver positive results, I highly recommend for you to reach out to Kapesh.

Posted by Ascension Counselor
Kapesh Patel has changed my life and made it better. After this week’s Court hearing, I left with everything I wanted and that was due to Mr. Patel’s diligence and passion for what he does and his clients.I would absolutely recommend him to be on your team, if you need help in your child custody case. Kapesh is an experienced attorney with his clients needs and wants in focus.If you want the best possible outcome, I would hire him every time.Thanks. AC

Posted by Maggie A
KP is not just a great attorney, he is a great friend, too. He has been a family attorney for a couple of years now and provides exemplary service to clients. KP has a confidence about him that makes you comfortable and willing to work with him, making his job that much easier. It isn’t difficult to see the passion Mr. Patel has for helping others, which makes him an easy choice as a professional and friend. Before I reached out to him to help me with my particular case, I had my doubts that anyone would be able to do the job. A single father fighting for custody of his daughter is usually looked down on and a difficult battle to win because of social stigmas. I had almost no hope of winning, but after meeting KP, he assured me he would do his best to help me win my case. His charming personality and easy confidence made the process easier, even more so knowing I had a friend to confide in. Mr. Patel made me feel comfortable from the get go, and I knew I had made the right choice going to him. KP keeps it professional when it’s game time, but he also knows when it’s okay to joke around. KP is the best of the best.

Posted by Jesus Maria Trinidad
Mr. Kapesh is an extraordinary lawyer and person. He helped me with a very tough immigration case. Always responsive and willing to talk and share any communication. I’m so glad to meet him and fully recommend his work and office.

Posted by Katlyn Contino
Kapesh Patel is an amazing lawyer! When I presented him with my dui case i didn’t have much hope for getting it down to a wet and reckless, but he did! He was always so positive and honest and had no problem answering all of my questions with a smile and reassurance that he would do everything in his power to help me, and he did!(We won!) I highly reccomend him to anyone!Thank you Kp for all the hard work you put into my case and for making me feel safe in one of the scariest situations of my life thus far! You’re the best!

Posted by Kenny Gomez
Getting an attorney to represent you in your court matters is a good choice but retaining Mr. Patel as your attorney will be the best choice you will make. Since the moment I spoke with Mr. Patel he reassured me that everything was going to be okay. He gave me and my family a peace of mind. I was facing 16 months in state prison and he was able to drop that down to 90 days of tree farm and three years of probation. Not only did he help me keep my job but most importantly he kept me out of jail and with my family. Mr. Patel’s fees are low and more than reasonable but his work ethic, expertise and devotion to his client is high and well above average. Mr. Patel was never hard to reach and answered every question and concern I had regarding my case. I am sure that If you retain Mr. Patel, like myself you will not regret it. KP, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me. God Bless.

Posted by April Hopper
I want to recognize that KP is a fantastic lawyer. He not only helped me with my QDRO, he also helped me with an old citation issue which turned into a warrant. This was a scary situation for me and I have never been in trouble with the law before. KP guided me through this and helped in every way he could.He was in constant communication with me and always kept me informed. Anytime I had questions they were answered. I am very lucky to have gotten in touch with him and
I now have a lifelong lawyer in case I need one. I would highly recommend him for any assistance you need.Before this I never needed a lawyer, but when I did I was thankful that I was able to find him. When you get paperwork you cannot understand due to the court talk and legal paperwork, it is a sigh of relief when you know someone is there for you to guide you through these difficult matters, and that is Kapesh Petal…….

Posted by Rigbeselam MengistuMy journey of working with Kapesh Patel esq. started a little over two years ago. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend. From the very beginning I could tell that he was the man of his words.One of his greatest qualities, aside from his impaccable work ethics and his integrity to his work, is his willingness to teach. W
orking through an immigration process can be very daunting and really confusing; But KP made is easier by making me part of the process and never leaving me in the dark. He was always willing to answer my questions or would reach out to his collegues to get the answer for me.In the 2 and half years that I have worked with Kp, there wasn’t a moment where I was worried about my process. I trusted him fully to do what was right for my case and he has never disappointed.Kapesh Patel is a very honest, transparent, dedicated and reliable Lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Happy Client

Posted by Kaleigh Downs
I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with Mr. Patel’s services. He is very informative and confident in his work ethnic as well as his work skills. I would recommend him to anyone who is needing any type of lawyer services. He is great at what he does, and enjoys it!

Posted by Jessica Garcia
Prior to hiring Kapesh V. Patel, My boyfriend had hired an attorney who unfortunately couldn’t help him fight for his DUI. We refused to give up so easily, so I began to research lawyers. I came across Kapesh V. Patel and after reading his many highly positive reviews, I knew I had to give him a call! I had called him on Memorial Day (Note, It was a holiday and he still answered my call) that was already a good sign. We spoke briefly of my boyfriends charges. Within the couple minutes we spoke, He was very informative and straightforward with me. It was a very stressful time for my bf, his family, and I. Kapesh gave us hope, while other lawyers couldn’t do so. Time after time, Kapesh communicated with us through calls/emails. I believe communication is key! Kapesh also reassured my bf, his family, and I that he will do everything he can to take care of him. He would put up a vigorous fight for him, but most importantly have his DUI dropped. Kapesh is a man of his word! He got one count dismissed, DUI dropped to a Wet Reckless and my boyfriends immigration status will not be effected. Not only that, Kapesh got this all settled in one court appearance. KP you exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier to have chosen you to represent us. We are grateful that there are people like you who will do everything in their power to fight for justice. I highly recommend Mr. Kapesh Patel! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you once again KP, It was a pleasure working with you!

Posted by Michael LawrenceMr. Patel is a fantastic lawyer and I highly recommend him