Kapesh Patel

Attorney at Law

18662 MacArthur Blvd.
Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 440-3240
(714) 552-1560

Steadfast, dedicated, and compassionate are a few of the terms that could be used to describe Kapesh Patel. His dedication to his clients and to the law are something that need to be seen in order to be understood. Whether it is something as common as working on drafting a letter for his client to something as daunting as making a closing argument in front of the jury in a criminal trial rest assured that Mr. Patel will give everything that he has to the matter.Mr. Patel values the power of education. He first graduated from Irvine Valley College with an Associate’s degree. Mr. Patel then attended California State University, Fullerton where he first obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Mr. Patel completed his formal education in 2007 when he graduated from the ABA-Approved Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC. At Howard, Mr. Patel earned an American Jurisprudence Award in Legal Accounting by achieving the highest grade in the class.

Beyond his schooling, Mr. Patel has the distinction of having taken and passed four bar (attorney licensing) exams, each on the first attempt – New York in 2007, New Jersey in 2008, Arizona in 2011, and most recently California in 2011 (with California and New York widely regarded as the most difficult bar exams in the United States).

Prior to opening his own practice in August of 2012, Mr. Patel worked in many different positions, which gave him a broad-range of experiences he still uses with his clients to this day. In the private sector, Mr. Patel worked for companies such as Countrywide Financial Corporation (now a part of Bank of America). Mr. Patel also had experience with non-profit entities such as the National Park Foundation, and governmental experience with his time as a federal regulator working for the United States Department of Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of Currency.

The bottom line is that when you retain the services of Kapesh V. Patel, you can take comfort in the fact that will all of his experience and love for his clients, will then do everything to make your life easier. Mr. Patel will work hard to apprise himself of your individual needs, or the needs of your organization, and will do whatever is within his power to make sure those needs are met. For Mr. Patel, the motivating factor in his work is the quality of the work, not the quantity of it. He is much more interested in making sure you are satisfied with the results then just “getting the work finished” for him this is a profession not a “volume business”.

If you want an attorney that prides himself on what he accomplishes, if you want an attorney who care about his clients and will be there for you at a moment’s notice, if you want an attorney who will listen to you and provide you with input, rather than just dismissing your concerns, then contact Kapesh V. Patel. He cares about you, and about your needs, and will put those above his own every single time.